Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Moving forward with the eyes

Charlotte's eye appt today showed that she has responded well to the eye drops with the right eye, but the left eye is showing no improvement. There are still too many white blood cells in the left eye. We cant get it under control.

She said there is nothing more potent (topically) that we can do, she agrees with Dr. Kingsbury that we start Methotrexate for Charlotte. That will be a weekly shot given to Charlotte by us and in the long run will help treat the eyes & the joints (if any more pop up or to help keep away the ones we have).
We keep doing the drops hourly (every 2 for the right eye), we wont see effects of Methotrexate for at least 6 months, we continue to see the Opthamologist every 2 weeks & will follow up with Dr. Kingsbury tomorrow on getting going w/ the new treatment.
Despite my little teeny voices of pessimism & fright of a "steroid" in my babies body, I am optimistic this is the right course of action. i think the first few shots are going to be a little difficult on our end to dispense, but maybe by the way we do it, we are cultivating future nurses or dr's in our house, so we will make sure we treat the situation withgrace & assurance. We explained to Emma & Ellie tonight about these next steps. I even had a little talk with Charlotte about it as I snuggled with her tonight. You know, because having deep conversations with a 2 year old sort of relieves the stress & tension of it all! I don't think I am going to make a "Methotrexate in '08" bumper sticker, but I still remain optimistic & am so appreciative of the support around us! Thanks for keeping Charlotte in your prayers! She's a trooper, this little gal!!

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Dana said...

I am so sorry to hear about Charlotte's eyes. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!