Saturday, January 5, 2008

Might as well face it

I'm addicted to paper (thank you robert palmer)! I love paper & I will put this on the left of my finds, but its too good to add without explanation.

Tis the season to start thinking about the Valentine's cards. Ellie & I went through the Current Catalog tonight & there was nothing there she liked. Last year, we took her picture (& Emma did the same for her class) & we put it on a business card (from Office Depot you can get packs of them that run thru the printer) & then hole punched twice to stick a pencil through & it said "You have the WRITE stuff Valentine - Love Ellie". Use it! Ellie wont do it again :) I already asked!!!

So in my online hunt tonight I found out of Oakland CA & they have cute, classic, simple cards! FOR ME! I had to pick up some simple heart cards that can go for Valentines OR anytime cards! and then there is the notebook in the black versailles for my purse (cant wait for the opportunity to whip that out!). Ellie's hunt will continue...

And ... the post over there on the left of "cant find" - the shoes are Sue London's and we FOUND THEM! Found 4 pairs in my size at a shop in Belleuve, I sent cousin Laura out there (who is the same size, uh oh we are going to have to duke it out!), she bought all 4 pairs becaues they were on sale 1/2 price so i cant WAIT to see them tomorrow when Laura comes through town on her way back to school!!

Charlotte: We start the Methotrexate tomorrow & the oral predni. We have a SWEET friend who is a nurse who lives up the street who is going to come show us how to be strong & how to calmly inject Charlotte. A bonus, she is well versed in mtx in her experience, so we are feeling very blessed & good about her helping us for the first one!! So grateful!

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Lisa Milton said...

Here's hoping the shot goes well and she tolerates it ok.

Thinking of you all...