Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dr. Foster responds 2nd time

from his VACATION!!! The good dr. responds! I know my email back to him was very loaded, but he still responded. I am now going to put this all together & shoot an email to Kingsbury to talk about action plan.

Intravenous is in the vein, not in the eye.

Steroids should be used as has been suggested, PLUS consider the intravenous for 3 days in a row.

Play the eye doctor game at home: flashlight, chin on edge of table, shining light in eye with practice keeping eyes wide open, very still, counting to 10. Let her do it to you too.

Get picture cards from your eye doctor and practice with he at home so that an accurate vision test can be done.

Come see me if and when you can arrange it.

Stephen Foster

PS: I'm skiing in Aspen right now.

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Lisa Milton said...

What a great doctor - I'm impressed.