Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At home...

I got this brownie mix @ whole foods becuase the girls begged for it. What they didnt read in fine print was "Whole Wheat, no trans fat, extra bran added." Terms you shouldnt read on a BROWNIE box! But if they are beggin' for it, what a perfect opportunity to let them make the brownies themselves & when one makes it on their own, usually one is more apt to eat it... let's try this theory out!Emma reads the instructions.
She mixes her wet w/ her dry...

The Black Widow Spider (ie little sister) cozies up in hopes of licking the bowl!

And its off to the oven

And the verdict.... I dont have any pictures of the final product becuase they were SOOOO good!! Very good! I highly recommend this box!

And here's Charlotte to give us a cheer for how much she likes her big sister's brownies AND the OSU Beavers:

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