Thursday, January 3, 2008

Add to that...

Talked to Dr. Kingsbury today about our moving forward with Methotrexate as our treatment of choice for Charlotte to combat the eyes & joints at the same time.

He suggested for the next two weeks we not only continue our eye drops (strongest topical treatment available, hourly for left eye, every other hour for the right), & start the methotrxate this week (weekly injections that show positive effects in 6-8 weeks), but also start an oral treatment (twice a day, once in the AM, once in PM).

Schedule will be:
Drops - next two weeks

Oral - next two weeks

Methotrexate - starting January '08 (age 28 months)

Side affects for oral could be moodiness, increased appetite & a hamper to her sleep schedule.


A lot to digest for the calendar. Sometimes you just want to be a turtle & hide for awhile, butcha cant! SO! Gotta get that chip on my shoulder & keep going.

So I signed up for a running group today to do 5K's! Gonna kick the running into high gear to help the flow of thoughts in my busy mind! Bad weekend for skiing - its going to be nasty up there, which is a bummer, cuz Emma is ready to go. It will be nice to pick up Ballet tomorrow after the long holiday, both girls enjoy their classes so much, it will be nice to put their tutu's on again, & maybe i can take Tottie's off long enough this weekend to wash it! (OYE! EVERY DAY, no joke!).

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