Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today was met with such anxiety, you can only imagine after Tuesday. When Charlotte saw Emanuel, she cried a little, "But i dont WANT to go to hostipull"

When she walked into the Peds Ward, she waved to her adoring fans & took a gift that our new nurse friend Jody had brought her (Oh my word Molli, I about cried, that was so sweet!). That helped so much! Why didnt I think of a new toy for each day to keep the mind away from the task at hand. I told the nurses that Tot was "ready to be checked in for her spa treatment!" They said Dosha would be more fun, but I asked them not illude to that to Tottie!!

There was a little bit of sadness from Tot when they hooked her up, but she already had the IV in her from the day before (she had no idea - out of site, out of mind - thank you leg warmers on arms!) and so they just hooked her up & away we went!

Thank you to Dana for the DVD player, she just sat on the couch, watched Elmo Goes To The Potty (thank you neighbor Ryan!) & she still had that laboring pregnant woman attention span, but it was far less frequent as the day before. Ryan & I actually got to sit in calmness, & we focussed our discussion on future vacations! Why? Cuz it helps to focus on something FUN!

And when they came to check her vitals (at least 4 times during the session), it was a CINCH! and her pressures were GREAT today! She was so much calmer, accepting & so it all went... FAST (like we had hoped), CALM (like we had hoped) & overall ... a Dream.

Tomorrow - not a problem!!! Last day - we will celebrate! No matter what the outcome, you celebrate it all & tomorrow we definitely celebrate this STEP!

On my freak out this AM: Emma woke up vomitting. twice. But like a big girl, she went straight to the toilet to do the deed (thank you!).

And thank you 1FG (1st fairy godmother Cindy!) for the advice on "Clean that bathroom - get rid of the germs" because i was freaking out about Charlotte. I lysol'd the entire house, kept Emma contained in front of the playroom tv on that couch & explained to her about Charlotte's body not being able to fight the icky bugs that got into Emma's body, so we have to keep her healthy!" And 1FG - I SCRUBBED their bathroom tonight! Then I SCRUBBED my bathroom tonight! Then I LYSOL'd the entire house!!! Yes, Dad, you should have stock in Lysol! Is there anything better than the smell of chlorine bleach & lysol?! AH CLEAN (& sure burn the lungs a bit in the process!)

Ok! So tomorrow - NOTTA problem! YAY :) Tottie is AWESOME, amazing, a trooper! A little wiggidy WHACK on the steroids, but still a soldier & inspiring! Yes, I love her but she is wiggidy whack right now - one minute she is CRYING hysterically (for not a real apparent reason) & the next she's snuggling into you & then telling you something funny & laughing hysterically. Wow, the funny farm called & wants you off the ROIDS Tot! Should I sign her up for t-ball, would they help with that??!? Can you imagine ?!?! :) HAHAHAHA!!!

I will post pictures in a few of her runnign around Emanuel after her session today. i was just so happy at the HAPPINESS in her, I just started taking pictures of her joyous running! "Your turn mom!" Not in these stacked wedges my dear :) HAHAHA!


jlcday said...

I'm so glad today went better! You have a little trooper on your hands!

Loudest Mom said...

Fantastic! Don't you love the Pediatric nurses? Trey was in the hospital for a week in November due to the mother of all ear infections, and the nurses made a long, long, long, stay much more pleasant. I agree though- presents are the way to go (although you may pay for it later-LOL).

Hope you are all doing fantastic today as well.
Take care,

Lori said...

Yeah for everyone...hope today was just as good! :)

Celebration...and hope that Emma is feeling better. Gotta love the cleaning. We hate germs too!

Dry Land said...

You sure got your money's worth with those leg warmers you bought for her!! Didn't you also cut a thumb hole in them and let Emma wear them on her cast?

guess they ought to be on the list of necessities for a new born!!! Love Marmee