Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tottie's Team

Thank you Tottie's Team! Thank you Marnie, Chance, Teresa, Missy, Jamey, Maddie, Kay, John, Katrina, Kendra, Lori, Courtney, Neal & Cathy! What a wild weather event we had, but your enthusiasm, support, love & legs were tremendous!!! And for all the supporters who couldnt make it out today: THANK YOU! Shannon, Ashley, Charlie, Linda, Kelly, Michelle & John - we know your hearts were with us & we appreciated that! Thank you all for your support & your spirit!!!
Despite the pouring down rain (it did start to come down harder towards the end & we expect flooding in the next 2 days), we all made it! I was so proud of the girls running in the kids race! Maddie, Katrina, Kendra, Emma & Ellie were chaperoned by Missy & Kay for the run & they all did it as we cheered them on!!! GREAT JOB!!! Santa greeted them at the end for a little treat & a hug!

The 2007 Jingle Bell Run in Portland supported the Arthritis Foundation. Charlotte (Tottie) was our little hero of the day. She wanted to run with those girls so bad for the 1K, but the weather & the early morning made her just want to snuggle into momma, so she joined us on the 5K & I held her for a 1/4 of a mile until it was time to go into the stroller. She was a trooper to stroller for an hour in COLD, WET conditions!!! After the event, we headed home to starbucks for some hot cocoas - then off to the showers, where the smile came back to Charlotte's face! AH! Warmth & home! :)

We were tired today, but as I have said before, we did it because we can! Why did I run? Because I can... I am not very good, but that's ok, i will keep trying & keep going because my body CAN do it.

I watched th grand marshall of the race today, a high school girl from Central Catholic. She has JRA like Charlotte, but is on a medication that allows her to play soccer & live life as a cute, energetic high school girl! She held her friends hands as they skipped across the finish line today. And as I watched her skip, I thought about her knees, her ankles and her feet & thought how remarkable that she can skip, and skip high. I was so happy for her, because, even though I dont know her, I have seen Tottie not be able to move her legs at all in stiff, agonizing pain that the arthritis causes. I started to tear up, watching this girl & her friends & thought how wonderful it is for her that she can share in the joy of movement with her friends, & how happy she must be! Its one of those things you can take for granted until you see it, or know it. And as I watched her skipping in joy, I hoped that Charlotte will too, be able to skip, run, jump & do whatever her heart & mind want her to do, and do it with ease & without pain.

Thank you again to all the supporters! I love you all so much!! Jingle Bell Run 2008!!!! You in?!

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Lisa Milton said...

Hi Erika,

I found your site through my sister, Lori Lee - I'm Austin & Caden's aunt.

So sorry to hear your little one has RA. I can't imagine how hard it must be to treat it at such a young age; I hope her rheumatologist is able to relieve some of the pain and stiffness.

Anyway, I'm always excited to find new blogs. Welcome to the guild. I swear, it's addictive.