Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Its Saturday, & we just put these very energetic girls to bed. A week of family, food & fun has wound these girls up for the holidays! They played a follow the leader game tonight running around upstairs while laughing their heads off! The leader? CHARLOTTE ANN! That little tiger led the older two on a rampage!

We had a WONDERFUL holiday on Thursday w/ my aunt & uncle & cousins & parents here. The turkey was YUMMY & those cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma paid off. I think the key was the compound butter between the skin & the turkey because the flavor of those spices were amazing. There weren't many leftovers which is a great sign! Everyone brought something which is fun & yummy & it was a great time just sitting around the table, eating & talking. Emma wanted to go around the table to say what we are thankful for & i was thankful for her especially at that moment to initiate the idea!

Emma: I am thankful for my family
Ellie: I am thankful for trees
Now Ryan & i are watching football & getting psyched for civil war this weekend since the ducks are on their 5th string quarterback, the Beavs might have a chance at civil war! I am optimistic we have a chance with our defense looking GOOD & their offense really beat up right now. We are tied right now... so a win could be sweet - but its at Autzen so that lowers the chances right there. So bummed for the Huskies tonight that they lost to WSU! AT HOME!?!??! Everyone was there tonight & it would have been a fun win for all of them to watch - sorry :( What happened?!
Well i am off to search for some cute & unique stocking stuffers. One of my favorites is the all natural candy canes made by Hammond's Candies in Denver Colorado. They are big, yummy, beautiful & come in all natural fruit flavors which is a big hit for my anti "spicy" peppermint girls. They like the lemon, grape, cherry, strawberry & orange. one of each comes in a pack for $15 (for 6), so each girl gets one big natural yummy candy cane in the stocking! And for the candy bowl to look, not touch, they make beautiful natural ribbon candy & natural mint pillows. Check them out- they are great! BTW - natural means containing natural colors & flavors!

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